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Your event should be something to remember. With the perfect venue,

beautiful design, impressive decor, chef crafted food and some

tasty libations you're sure to  leave a lasting impression. 

Pairing the correct venue with your vision is a practiced art. If, “off-site” is

part of your vision, our 25 years of venue scouting has armed CCD with

locations you’d never expect. We have access to just about any setting you might imagine: A beach side wedding with gauzy tents and fairy lights can make you look like a superstar. A banquet hall overlooking a golf course at night transports the guests being honored, to a 5-star resort. If, “off-site” is all you have in your description so far, let us suggest everything from a forest destination to lunch on the moon.


Close your eyes and talk to us!

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Catered Event
Outdoor Wedding
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